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A Brief History

"Born and raised in Iowa" as the saying goes, I am the proud daughter of an Iowa park ranger. Iowa certainly is a beautiful land. Over my childhood and adult years, I have lived in (or near) Ames, Dubuque, Winterset, Madrid, Sheldahl, Polk City, Ankeny, and Oskaloosa. Mahaska county is our chosen home. My husband and I love the historical homes, modern county health facility, prosperous town square, strong library and public school system, and countless recreational and community activities. We believe this is what makes a home. Studying agricultural history and

the Second World War, I have earned 2 degrees from Iowa State University, yet I married a Hawkeye. My husband Vince's family is from rural Ottumwa and Fremont. We have three grown daughters (along with grandchildren) pursuing various paths in this wonderful state. I was a community college professor for 30 years, and am now pursuing small business management and politics. I am a proud member of Oskaloosa's City Council, the Lions, Rotary, and the NEA. I love the spirit of this District, and would be honored to represent you!


Public Schools

I believe all children should have the opportunity to attend safe, well funded, public K-12 schools.

Gun Security

I believe in gun rights as well as gun safety. 

Small Towns

I believe in the culture, preservation, and support of small towns and communities.

Legal Abortion

I believe in safe access to legal abortions for those that choose that path. 

Local Businesses

I want to support small and locally owned buisnesses as I believe they are the backbone to our economy.

LGBTQ+ Kindness

I believe in treating people with kindness and respect, no matter their sexual or gender identity.

Strong Unions

As a long time union member, I believe in advocating for workers rights and security. 

Reading Freedom

I believe everyone should have access to books and literature without censorship.

Reliable Healthcare

I believe in well funded and available healthcare for all, especially in rural communities.

Green Spaces

I believe in sustainable farming practices as well as accessible public parks.

Community Colleges

I believe in supporting affordable college options to allow access for all.

Our State's Future!

Through hard work and Midwestern kindness, I believe we can accomplish anything!


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