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Past and Future

I am a lifelong Iowan with a love for reading, gardening, and getting to know people. I have an undergraduate degree in English from Iowa State University, a masters in Women's Studies from Eastern Michigan University, and a PhD in Agricultural History from Iowa State as well. I have written three books and contributed to many others.


I have always had a strong passion for human rights, and a drive to make big changes in my community. I am a hard worker, and was a community college professor for 30 years. My husband and I decided to go back to small town life, so we moved to Oskaloosa in 2018, and we've loved every minute of it. I am now the manager of a successful small business, focusing on my writing, and a member of several community organizations, such as the Lions, Rotary Club, and City Council.


I ran for Mahaska County Supervisor in 2020, and I had help from some amazing volunteers. Although we didn't win that race, we're back with even more strength and determination! I look forward to meeting more people through this campaign, and hearing their questions, needs, and opinions. 

My Books


Spirit and Resolve

"Ossian for 88" is more than just a slogan. I am choosing to run for state representative in the new Iowa Representative District #88 (eastern half of Mahaska County, Keokuk County, and the northern third of Jefferson County) because I believe in the democratic process.


The voters must have choices to have a true voice. 

Considering all the thousands of political words thrown around this campaign year, I have selected 22 words to reflect my values and positions in 2022: Public Schools, Small Towns, Local Business, Reliable Healthcare, Community Colleges, Gun Security, Legal Abortion, LGBTQ+ Kindness, Strong Unions, Reading Freedom, and Green Spaces.


District #88 is a beautiful rural area of south central Iowa, made up of old farming and mining country. It has always retained an independent soul and deserves a state representative that will serve her constituents with strong ideas based on experience and education as well as reflect a spirit of kindness and consideration for a new wave of democracy. Spirit and Resolve. 

Vote Blue in District #88.

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